The Best CBD Bath Soak for a Relaxing Night In

Posted by Samantha Strom on

CBD for relaxation is here, and it's never been a better time for those passionate about their bath game. Whether you love to relax on a Friday night in and soak in the heat or enjoy drawing a hot bath whenever you want to unwind, it's one of the top rituals in self care and indulgence out there. CBD has been incorporated into everything from lotions to oils and edibles and now you can add bath bombs to that list!

Does CBD work in bath soaks?

CBD stands for  cannabidiol and it is one of the top ingredients derived from the hemp cannabis plant. There are many benefits that are driving the CBD craze across the market as well that include improved sleep, better pain reduction, anxiety management, and perhaps even anti-inflammatory aspects that help with epilepsy.


CBD bath soaks are a wonderful way to enjoy all of the properties that CBD is purported to have and add the pleasure and simplicity of a good bath to the equation besides. These bath bombs are considered to be a topical application of CBD, as it does transform from solid to gradually dissolve in the water and topically soak through the skin. Topical application of CBD may be of help with inflammation and pain linked to arthritis. CBD also may help with skin issues inclusive of eczema, psoriasis, and acne, helping you to achieve calmer and clearer skin, as observed by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Do CBD Bath Soaks make you feel 'High'?

You can enjoy increased relaxation with a CBD bath that could help decrease anxiety. So not only do you benefit from the relaxation of the bath, the bathing experience, and the heat, but you also may get the relaxation boost from the CBD in your bath bomb. While unlikely to get you stoned in the traditional sense, a certain amount of CBD may have an effect depending on the dose and the amount, if any, of THC in there. Most CBD products will not but it may be experienced with high doses.


Use CBD soaks whenever you want to relax or want a boost. It's always best to test a piece in warm water with your skin to make sure your skin won't have a reaction to be on the safe side. Remember not to stay in a hot bath for too long as overheating can occur. Of course, be sure to light some candles while dimming the lights to set a peaceful bath time mood. Be extra cautious by speaking to a doctor before using and definitely be sure to do so if on medication. Side effects are unlikely but could possibly include tiredness, weight/appetite changes and more. Always be careful when using a topical product that you have not used before and be aware that oils and ingredients may cause skin, especially sensitive skin, to become irritated.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want your muscles to feel relaxed, the day to melt away, to feel good overall, or boost that great night's sleep, Crystal Body Drip's Whimsical Bath Soak is full of the Epsom salt and magnesium that you need to restore your body. Whether it's the delicate floral scent of jasmine or the relaxing fragrance of lavender, the aromatherapy and power of these soaking salts will give you an incredible night of relaxation that you'll absolutely love.