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Fall Asleep Faster In just 30 Minutes

Is The Night Time Formula right for you?

Sleep affects various aspects of your overall health, from your mood to your immune system. If you find yourself suffering from the following below, you'll want to give Night Time Formula a try:

X Trouble Falling Asleep

X Excessive daytime sleepiness

X Difficulty concentrating during the day

The World's most absorbable & effective sleep elixir

In simple terms, nanotechnology is the scientific process used to break down our water CBD formula, into thousands of tiny micro particles, so that our customers are able to absorb the entire dose, unlike popular oil based competitors.

Crystal Body Drip -

Fast Acting

Custom vegan, all natural friendly formula created to help you fall asleep quicker & stay asleep.

Crystal Body Drip -

Achieve REM sleep

Promote and develop the most restorative part of sleep to achieve fuller and deeper rest.

Crystal Body Drip -

No Grogginess

Wake up refreshed and restored with no next-day grogginess.

Plant powered & data driven

Ready for dreamland?

Our products have a proven positive impact on our customers sleep. Over 96% of customers have a better improved sleep score.

Crystal Body Drip - Night Formula - Crystal Body Drip

Reset your internal clock

Sleep like a baby and get your restless nights back on track and in balance.

Reap The Rewards

We’re the only tincture on the market to add 5-HTP, a serotonin booster, enhancing your mood, cognition, and overall feelings of joy.

All natural guilt-free sleep aid

Made with 100% natural plant medicine, say goodbye to groggy mornings and synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Crystal Body Drip - Serotonin Booster (5HTP) Serotonin Boost (5HTP)
Crystal Body Drip - Vegan Vegan & Natural
Crystal Body Drip - Sleep-Aid Melatonin
Crystal Body Drip - Water Soluble CDB Water Soluble CBD
Crystal Body Drip - Fights Depression Fights depression
Crystal Body Drip - Lab Tested Lab Tested
Day Time Formula

Supercharge your mornings.

The Day Time Formula us a tropical flavored 3-in-1 elixir of vitamins, adaptogens and functional magnesium for stress, anxiety, energy and mood.

Crystal Body Drip - Day Formula - Crystal Body Drip

CBD made for coffee

Add two droppers into your morning cup of joe (or any drink) to combat jitters and transform it into a functional wellness tonic.

Boost Of Energy

Its proprietary blend has 3 science-backed ingredients working to support your daily health.

A dose of Zen

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for the body's function, keeping blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady.

Crystal Body Drip - B-12 Boost B12 Boost
Crystal Body Drip - Magnesium Magnesium
Crystal Body Drip - Mood Enhancement Mood enhancement
Crystal Body Drip - Water Soluble CDB Full spectrum CBD
Crystal Body Drip - Fights Anxiety FIGHTS ANXIETY
Crystal Body Drip - Lab Tested Lab Tested

Why our Formulas are the Best

98% Absorption Rate
Add to ANY Drink
Optimized Dosing
Plant Based
Simple Ingredients
3rd Party Tested

Our customers are sleeping better

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Crystal Body Drip -
Crystal Body Drip -
Crystal Body Drip -
Crystal Body Drip -

Start feeling better and doing more. Best taken daily & consistently.

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