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Kangen Healing Water

Sam and Tessa here! You are receiving this email because you inquired about wanting to learn more about the healing water we have been drinking for the past year.


Health has always been a top priority of ours since we have both been an athlete for the majority of our lives.  In 2014 I (Samantha) was introduced to water that drastically altered my life and my health. Looking back, it all seems wild to me that others are skeptical at first, because the truth is regular tap or bottled water is DANGEROUS and truly not hydrating on a molecular level at all! What inspired me to invest in a machine was how fast my skin cleared up, being able to fully remove pesticides from my fruits and vegetables (without vinegar or any other substance) and all the other health benefits that came from drinking truly ionized, alkalized and restructured water. To me this is PRICELESS. If you are going to invest in ANYTHING regarding your health; appointments, therapy sessions, supplements - YOUR WATER NEEDS TO BE FIRST!  After a year of switching over my water, I got Tessa, my sister on board, and it healed her acne, excessive thirst issue and increased her energy levels, after detoxing her entire body since switching. She went through intense detox symptoms for 2 weeks. And get this, she thought she already had been drinking "ALKALIZED" water the past 4 years which she got from her Cosan machine, but it was "ALKALINE" water (more on this below). 


In 2015 when I took the time to understand the importance of long term effects from drinking alive water (as opposed to dead water, that is the tap and bottled) I used to go to my local Water Brewery. These are local water shops where citizens are able to go to refill large gallons of alkaline nutrient water. I did this for two years, until I realized that it took a lot of my time and energy to constantly have to go out of my way to get drinking water up to my standards (and what should be the standard of every person on the planet, who cares about their longevity and health). Not to mention, the water I was getting would lose its alkalinity after about a week. My biggest (and silent) pet peeve was watching my family and the ones I loved (especially my grandparents) drinking water straight from the Tap and thinking it was hydrating them. Tap water, bottled water and many big name water brands, contain fluoride and other hazardous chemicals in the water that is harmful to our health.


The problem is most egregious in rural areas, but a few major cities face a widespread threat of contamination. Some of the most common contaminants found in tap water include lead, which can produce permanent brain damage in children, and PFOA, which has been linked to cancer. Our Tap water in America is filled with Fluoride which is horrible for your body and also your pineal gland. Tap water and bottled water is also dead, not alive and not filtered properly, leaving many people feeling never hydrated or always thirsty and even has been proven to lead to dementia and arthritis. I also hate to break it to you, but the $40 Brita filters or $100 "alkaline" filters that connect to your sink, barely scratch the surface on turning your sink water into drinkable water and should be used in a case of emergency only (at least that is what I do). 


Our yoga teacher and aesthetician healed themselves of cancer with this water. We have personally seen people heal themselves from chronic illnesses with this water. When we both started sharing the water with close friends and family, we were blown away with the results people were getting! It was helping people with their migraines, their skin, energy levels, quality of sleep, people were losing weight, detoxing, reducing pain, improving blood pressure, and the list goes on.


Our water is the best investment we have ever made for ourselves, as entrepreneurs. It is broken down on molecular level and electrically charged that truly hydrates every single cell in the human body. 



🌿IMPOSSIBLE for diseases to exist in an BALANCED ALKALINE STATE  


This is our K8 machine. An in-house medical grade water ionizer created by the Japanese company, Enagic. It produces 7 different types of alkalized, hydrogen-rich performance drinking water known as Kangen Water. PH levels from 2.5-11.5. You can travel anywhere with this model and can also be carried through TSA!  Tessa and I take this with us on our travels and we currently have it with us in Bali.  



THE SCIENCE BEHIND ITNaturally, over time, our bodies become overrun by “free radicals.” Those free radicals are what cause our cells oxidative stress. When we have that stress, it leads our body to aging, disease, immunity failure and major health issues, such as cancer, diabetes & heart disease. Thankfully, Kangen water is full of antioxidants, which are able to create an alkaline buffer in the bloodstream- neutralizing the acidity that free radicals bring. Kangen water carries needed oxygen into the bloodstream and creates an alkaline environment in which bad bacteria cannot survive. In turn, this leads to heightened energy, anti-aging, stronger immunity and overall better health. Kangen, quite literally, regenerates all your bad cells into new, healthy ones again.   


ALKALINE VS. ALKALIZED: Alkaline water is NOT the same as alkalized. Alkaline has pH levels of 8.5-9.5 through synthetic chemical change, whereas alkalized water creates its pH levels with natural electrolysis. Alkaline water is most of the time found on the shelves of many grocery stores, which has a long shelf life due to its synthetic chemical properties. Therefore, alkaline water is not able to eliminate your body’s free radicals. However alkalized water is fresh and natural, meaning its “store life” before becoming a neutral pH is 3-4 days. Kangen water is ALKALIZED, therefore better than that alkaline water you can purchase at your local grocery store. 


There are over 68 different uses for Kangen water, therefore saving you both money, time and eliminating your overall plastic usage. It can be used for many household uses such as: laundry soap and softener, skin, toner, hair softener, mouthwash, wounds, eye drops, gardening,409 and bleach replacement, fruit and veggie pesticide remover and so much more. We use our machine as a cleaning agent and to get off all the dirt and grime off of our fruits and vegetables. One of the settings on the machine is so powerful, with just one sitting it can remove wax and pesticides entirely. We also cook with it and use it as a soup base. We are also passionate about this water, because it enhances the benefits of our vitamins, supplements and signature CBD formula. Taking any supplements with this water enhances its effect 3 fold.


Take a look at some of these videos below and enter your email below when you are ready to change your life and also learn about the financial freedom this company offers. We would be happy to jump on a zoom or 3 way call to answer any of your questions. We are passionate about living water and the healing effects that it offers to our bodies on a cellular level. CLICK TO WATCH:



The Science: 

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